The head-turning, high-performing B.FOS x GATR Cooler is made for the color maximalist. 

It was a thrilling experience to plant myself with paint brushes in hand right into the landscape that brings me so much inspiration. I took my studio outdoors and let the colors flow. It felt like the stakes were raised as alligators swam around my canvas, and I remembered, "I'm in their habitat now!"

My B.Fos x GATR Coolers collaboration dropped me deep into the swamplands of South Louisiana. The Thibodaux, Louisiana-based cooler company, GATR Coolers, now features my art on their limited edition "B.Fos Collection."

This collection is made for the color maximalist and lover of the outdoors. Whether you are hitting the beach, taking the boat out, or tailgating before the game the GATR Coolers "B.Fos Collection" delivers a colorful, personal cooler to the party.

The Limited Edition GATR Coolers "B.Fos Collection" is available in two colorful artworks: Gator Belly and Pelican Feather. Now offered in three different cooler sizes, including GATR10, GATR20, and GATR45. You're sure to find the cooler personalized to your style. Available for purchase at GATR Coolers.


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November 11, 2022