Welcome to the Colorful World of Becky Fos

Experience New Orleans through the vibrant colors of Becky Fos

"I want to be an ambassador of color to make the world a brighter and happier place. When people see my art, I hope they experience joy and enter a technicolor world of all things happy." ~Becky Fos

Hello there

Happiness looks good on you

A Colorful Kaleidoscope

Becky Fos brings the energy of New Orleans to life through her impasto technique and iconic palette of vibrant colors.

Around NOLA

Gallery B.Fos satellite space located within the beautiful Renaissance Arts Hotel at 700 Tchoupitoulas St.

Check out the most FLAM-azing commissioned B.Fos mural for local restaurant, Flamingo A Go-Go located at 869 Magazine St.

From our #BFosFans
From our #BFosFans
Becky is a rare and refreshing artist. Her paintings bring joy and happiness to any surrounding. We commissioned her to do a painting for PJs coffee and she captured exactly what we were hoping for. She is a true artist and pleasant person!
— Steven Ballard
From our #BFosFans
Magnificent talent - a unique style, the kind of art you can enjoy all the time.
Thank you Becky Fos.
— Job Fernandez
From our #BFosFans
I love the magical way she paints and how she offers smaller things like calendars and ornaments and coffee table books for those of us who aren’t quite at original art collector level yet.
— Leslie Gambino

Spreading Joy

“I want to continue spreading joy with the colors that I use in my artwork. We can all make the world a better place if we just smile.”

See y'all soon!


2138 Magazine Street • New Orleans, LA 70130

504-444-2967 • info@beckyfos.com

HOURS: Thursday - Saturday: 10a - 5p