Enjoy the flavors of Mardi Gras with Becky Fos and Barq's Root Beer! 

Becky has teamed up for the second year in a row with Barq's, the Coca-Cola Company, to create an original piece to celebrate the 2023 Mardi Gras season.

Fos will parade the Gulf Coast sharing complimentary signed 2023 Barq's Mardi Gras posters with fans. 

Catch one at the following locations:


Thursday, February 2nd    4-5p
Metairie    :    Zuppardo’s    :    5010 Veterans Memorial

Thursday, February 2nd    6-7p
Metairie    :    Rouses Markets   :    2900 Veteran Blvd.

Friday, February 3rd    4-5p
Pass Christian    :    Neco’s    :    12342 Cable Bridge Rd.

Friday, February 3rd    6-7p
Bay St. Louis    :    Froogel’s    :     295 Hwy 90

Saturday, February 4th    10-11a
Youngsville    :    Super 1 foods    :    1500 Bonin Rd.

Saturday, February 4th    12-1p
Youngsville    :    Rouses Markets    :    2900 E. Milton Ave.

Saturday, February 4th  4-5p
Baton Rouge    :    Rouses Markets    :    14630 Village Market St.

Saturday, February 4th    6-7p
Baton Rouge    :    Alexander’s    :    18111 Highland Market Dr.

Monday, February 6th    4-5p
Kenner    :   Winn-Dixie    :    2104 Williams Blvd.

*Monday, February 6th    6:30-7:30p 
Mandeville    :    Rouses Markets    :    3461 E Causeway Approach
*Location and time change from original schedule

Tuesday, February 7th    12-1p
New Orleans    :    LBC Food Court at Tulane University

Tuesday, February 7th    6-7p
New Orleans    :    Winn-Dixie    :    4500 Tchoupitoulas

Wednesday, February  8th    4-5p
Baton Rouge    :    Albertsons    :    15232 George O’Neal

Wednesday, February  8th    6-7p
Baton Rouge    :    Winn-Dixie    :    13002 Coursey Blvd.

Thursday, February 9th    4-5p
Metairie    :    Breaux Mart    :    2904 Severn Ave.

Thursday, February 9th    6-7p
Metairie     :    Rouses Markets    :    717 Clearview Pkwy.


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January 29, 2023