Commission Process

Would you like to work with artist Becky Fos to bring your custom idea to life?

Let’s get to creating!

Through the commission process, you work directly with artist Becky Fos to bring your one-of-a-kind idea to life. Becky will brainstorm with you, provide sketches, and include you in the painting process as she works to create that special piece of original artwork for that special place in your home and heart.

Fos’ process requires 6-8 weeks. However, every project is different. Many factors including availability, subject, canvas size and the colors used influence the timeline for a project. Talk with us about your project and we can advise you on the timeline specific to your goals.

All B. Fos original artworks are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a unique painting code.

What to expect

Step 1

First the is an idea, or concept. In this case, a quick pencil sketch by Becky Fos.

Step 2

Once the sketch has been approved, and size of canvas has been determind, Becky can now start the painting process.

Step 3

Once you've given your stamp of approval, the painting will dry for the next 4 weeks. The original painting is signed on the front & back by Becky Fos.

We are really excited to have an opportunity to work with you. Our current payment structure requires a 50% initial deposit, which allows us to schedule your first meeting with Becky Fos. This meeting can be an in-person meeting at Gallery B. Fos or virtually by phone or video call. After the first meeting, you will work directly with Becky Fos every step of the way until the painting is completed and dry for local pickup or shipping. Upon pick up or shipment is when the remaining 50% balance is collected.

Prices & Sizes

24 x 30 inches – $6,000 | 36 x 48 inches – $9,000

24 x 36 inches – $7,300 | 48 x 48 inches – $10,800

30 x 30 inches – $7,300 | 48 x 60 inches – $12,700

24 x 48 inches – $7,700 | 48 x 72 inches – $15,500

30 x 40 inches – $7,700 | 48 x 84 inches – $21,000

36 x 36 inches – $7,700 | 60 x 84 inches – $25,900

30 x 48 inches – $8,000 | 72 x 92 inches – $35,800


Gallery B. Fos works directly with a New Orleans based shipping company specializing in artwork and antiques with the ability to ship domestically in the U.S and internationally. Please contact us directly so we can provide you with accurate shipping costs based on your needs.