Capitol Kaleidoscope (Original)


A B.Fos kaleidoscope of color inspired by the stained glass ceiling of the Louisiana Old State Capitol Building.

"If you’ve ever toured Louisiana’s Old State Capital, I’m sure that you couldn’t resist looking up in the rotunda at the breathtaking stained glass dome ceiling. This explosion of vibrant reds, oranges, and pops of blue stained glass was created and installed by architect and engineer, William A. Freret, in the 1880s. After seeing this beauty last year at the unveiling of my art for our State’s “I VOTED” sticker, I was instantly inspired and couldn’t wait to create my interpretation of this stained glass beauty!"

—Becky Fos

Original B.Fos Artwork  |  48x48  |  Oil on Canvas

Available in Paper and Canvas Prints

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