The Old Place

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Getting to know the stories behind commissioned art is just as exciting for me as creating them. Thank you Mark for commissioning me to create something so special that will now help share the story and continue the legacy of the “Les Vielle Place” for generations to come. These walls can’t talk, but below you’ll read some of the histories behind this family’s cherished estate…

“Les Vieille Place”
(Cajun French for “The Old Place”)

“A long winding country road, just north of Oberlin, Louisiana, nestled peacefully under a family of live-oak trees, dead ends at the Old Place. It was settled by the Reed family in the early 1850s and is located at the edge of the Calcasieu river bottom.

The Reed’s were devout Catholics and family values were of utmost importance. They spoke Cajun French and there was always an open door at the Old Place where visitors were always welcomed to “get down” to visit, have coffee and enjoy family dinner.

These mighty, large live oaks have stood strong through every major event that they’ve encountered throughout history. They have withstood many hurricanes through the years and a tornado in 1980 that took out the old barn and several large pecan trees but somehow spared the old house. They also provided shade for countless Boucherie, fais-do-dos, and certainly a few courtships over the years.
They represent longevity and strength for 6 generations of Reeds and always welcome you…home.” ~ Becky Fos's original Instagram post re: The Old Place 

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